Thursday, 17 April 2014

Day 1, April 17th, 2014

The only viewing for courts 8 through 14
Day 1:

Nicolas Vincent started the morning playing Kristian Lethbridge-Hall and won in 20min.  The true excitement starts at 4:25pm when we have 3 matches all playing at the same time.

4:25pm Nathan VonHagen vs Elliot Hunt 0-3:
We can safely say this was not Nathan's best squash match.  When I asked him how he felt about the match Nathan's response was "Bad".  At this point Nathan fell to the consolation draws and will have to win the net 5 matches to finish in the top 8.  This is what we call slogging it through the draw

4:25pm Nicolas Vincent vs Ethan Shoihet 0-3:
Some days you run into a player that is just a bit fast and quicker and more consistent than you are.  Ethan Shoihet explained to Nicolas why he is a 5/8 seed in the Boys Under 17 draw.  Nicolas will be joining Nathan in the consolation draw and will have a bunch of matches through the next couple days.

4:25pm Matthew Henderson vs Cameron Butler 3-2:
To start at the end of the story and work to the beginning, Matt has a cold.  We just finished going to shoppers drug mart to stock up on nasal decongestant.  But as things go Matt did the job he cam to do and won his first match.  He did take the full 5 games to do the job.  I like to think that he was just getting used to the courts.
Matt and his medication supply

5:00pm Kellan O'Neill vs Will Harris 3-0:
Kellan had a very positive match with a kid that could have been trouble.  keeping his cool on court and interjecting changes of pace into the game, Kellan walked away with a clean 3-0 first round win.

Entrance to the courts, coaches viewing for the weekend
7:20pm Grace Thomas vs Chloe Wren 3-0:
After the first 4 points of the game I was surprise to see how much Chloe had improved since I saw her play last year.  The rest of the match was more of what we expected of Grace as she dominated the match with Chloe just getting more frustrated as the match went on.
Mustafa, Grace, Nicoals, Janel, supporting Gavin Maxwell from the only other viewing position of the courts

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