Sunday, 20 April 2014

Day 4: April 20th, 2014: Easter

9:00am, Matthew Henderson vs Husam Hamour: 3-2
We are in the BU 17 consolation Semi-Final at 9:00am, Matthew has been fighting a cold since we arrived in Toronto.  Now playing the first match of the day, we have a battle on our hands.  Husam is a 5/8 seed in the tournament and carries a much higher national ranking.  In the first game Husam opens up an early lead, with Matt clipping the top of the tin.  As junior squash goes Husam answered back with enough tin of his own to even the game at 10 all.  Did I say tin?  Husam wins the first game off one of Matt’s tin, 13-11.  The second game was much of the same, but a weakness in Husam’s game was identified.  His forehand technique does not allow him to be consistent, as he comes through the ball with a flat racquet.  Matt was unable to execute an effective attack on the forehand and lost the 2nd game 12-10.  The 3rd to 5th game we had the plan in place and only needed to execute.  Matt executed, and won, 11-6, 11-6, 11-5.  Some times you find the fire to win and everything goes your way.  In the 5th, Matt shots were on and there was nothing that Husam could do. Next Match 12:20pm with Michael Mehl, same person he played in the Quarterfinals to days ago

11:00am Grace Thomas vs Hanna Blatt: 3-0, 3rd/4th place
Grace has a 1 and 1 record with Hanna this year.  Grace beat Hanna in Victoria at the PNW in February but lost to her in the Alberta Jesters in November.  We had the intel that Hanna had injured her hamstring, and she wore a wrap visibly on her right leg, which deduce which side of the court to attack.  The first game was a back and forth battle up till 8 all when Hanna went on walk about hitting 3 tins in a row.  In the second Hanna gained the lead 9-6 and in a similar fashion hit 3 tins in a row to even the game and the eventual win for Grace.  The third was a no contest game and a final placing of 3rd in the Girls Under 17

12:20pm Matthew Henderson vs Michael Mehl, 5th/6th place
After beating Mehl in the quarterfinals these two players meet again in the finals of the consolation.  Each played a match in the morning and each are tired from the weekends battles.  How to define the match, according to Nicolas…Lets and Strokes!  During the first game there were a collection of calls that were unpredictable by the players and coaches.  We were a perplexed by the logic of some of the calls.  At one point in the first game Michael said to the referee we should play a let, and both players over ruled the referee.  Matt Henderson intentionally served the ball out after a No let call against Michael.  After all the craziness Matt won the first game 11-6, lost the second 11-13, then in tight games edged out Michael 11-8, 11-9 to win the Boys Under 17 consolation placing 5th at the 2014 Canadian Junior Championships.

What a weekend.  What a time.  We will remember, Frankie’s, Nicolas tapping out after a 10 min submission match with Henderson, Matt not making his flight home, Tim Horton’s on Good Friday, and 5 players packed into one room.  Good times.  Glad to be home.
Just about arrived at the Hotel April 16th

Ben driving to the hotel April 16th

Practice before the tournament, April 16th

Practice before the tournament, April 16th

Nathan vs Neel, April 19th

Injury time out, April 19th

Bronze Medal, April 20th

Grace, Ben, Matthew, April 20th

BC crew after the awards ceremony, April 20th

Patty and Nathan, April 20th

Gavin's good side, April 20th

Walking to the Airport Check-in, April 20th

Retail Therapy, April 20th

Working on the Blog, April 20th

Janel and Nathan, April 20th

Janel and Paula, April 20th



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